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ERP for Services.

  • Role Based Access

  • Field Level Customization

  • Customized Print

  • Email Integration

  • Report Builder

  • Shared Calendar

  • Customer, Vendor Portal

  • Downloadable Backups

  • Payment Integration

  • Workflow Engine

  • Custom Fields

  • Exensible Custom Scripts

  • SMS Integration

  • Gantt and Kanban View

  • Email Alerts

  • Finance Analytics

  • Website and Web Forms

  • Mobile App

Projects And Timesheets.

In ERPNext all projects are linked to Tasks, Timesheets, Expenses, Purchases, Budgets so you get a full view of your activities. Billing and Payroll is also deeply tied to projects making it easier for you to tie everything together.

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Services 3

Billing And Invoicing.

Billing and receivables tracking in ERPNext helps you stay on top of your finances. Project based accountings helps you get the profitability of each project on your fingertip.

HR, Leave And Payroll.

Your employees can apply for leaves and claim expenses directly through ERPNext. All of this is seamlessly integrated with your payroll and accounting. ERPNext also helps you manage recruiting, appraisals, trainings and much more.

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Services 5

CRM And Sales.

With a fully integrated sales management system, you can track Leads, Opportunities, send Quotes, manage Orders and fulfilment in ERPNext. You can set alerts and send email directly from the system so that you can close more deals.

HR, Leave And Payroll.

By linking your incoming support emails to ERPNext, you can keep track of open issues across projects and make sure your customers are happy by answering on time. You can also create help articles and build a support portal that will make your customers get what they need even faster.

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