What does magnetic power mean? It is a formula with efficient techniques for success in business.

It is a proven formula of Dr.Azizan’s entrepreneurship program. It has been a powerful tool of marketing since his entry to business and marketing for more than 10 years now.

His experience is worth more than a million ringgit. This is because the formula has driven many successful and rich entrepreneurs. You should also try the formula.

The most effective formula to attract wealth is a combination of the 5 important techniques of business.

It’s the most effective formula that will be the essence for your continuous success in business. You will find a true connection of the formula with businesses that are creating more revenues in millions. This article is for you. Let’s start to make a good habit by understanding the formula.

“It is a symbol of confidence, a symbol of success in business.”

The status of an expert will help you grow even more successful in business and to be an expert, you will need to prepare yourself for different situations. You can find ways to develop yourself. Then, you will be looked upon as an experienced person. You will receive more appreciation compared to your competitors.

If you are not an expert in the world of business, you will look for customers’ trust or the service you offer. It will gain your customers confidence to buy what you sell. Thus, the expert you want to be is much more important. An expert is a symbol of confidence and trust. There are five important criteria of an expert which helps him or her to attract customers as said by Dr.Azizan Osman. They are:

Experts always emphasize product quality.
Experts always walk the talk.
Experts always solve customer’s issues.
Experts always increase the life quality of community.
Experts always carry out observations to know what their customers need.

“Where there’s an issue, there lies an opportunity.”

As a business owner, your job is to give and announce opportunities. It’s all for the community and that you have the chance to change their lives or solve their issues.

Like the statement of Dr.Azizan Osman, where there’s an issue, there lies an opportunity for you to solve. This explains how important it is for an entrepreneur to create his opportunity when faced with a problem.

One of the main aim in being a business owner is to make sure many understand the opportunities that you have given to them. Do not assume that if you do a new business, you will succeed. If there is no need for the products you sell, you might end up facing huge losses.

“Empower the state, empower customers.”

A state means an area. From the business aspect, its important for you to think of a project that will empower the whole state. Now, what do you get in return? You will get the riches and the profits you have always dreamt of and the most intriguing part is, your customers will recognize your business brand and your product quality.

The best strategy is the one which helps you dominate certain states. It’s not an idea to dominate all the states at one time.

Empower each state with one step at a time.

State empowerment is categorized into three.
State A – Country
State B – City
State C – Small area(Village,park,orchard and school)

This means state empowerment has to be done one by one. First, do all the small areas (State C) to identify your business. Then, do marketing promotion aggressively. Then, empower the city (State B) and lastly, the empowerment of the biggest state which is (State A).

In fact, do not forget about the digital world or online social media. According to Dr.Azizan Osman, the first thing you should do before state empowerment is to know how many people live in that respective state. The figures will help you decide on executing marketing strategies to attract the right customer.

“Understand the emotions of your customer, make them attracted to you.”

Truth is, emotions play a pivotal role in marketing and advertising. In detailed psychology that has been executed, most of the customers decide to buy something based on their emotions.

This shows that it is important for entrepreneurs like you to ensure the marketing promotion runs smoothly. Mix the elements of emotion in your promotional advertisements.

Mentor Dr.Azizan Osman always advised, “Smile is the marketing that involves emotions that melts the heart of a customer. The smile technique demonstrates the importance of emotion and its role in marketing.

If you do a little observation in a few websites, ads or promotional marketing ads, you will conclude that most of them use emotions to connect with a customer.

The best example is, Get Rich Scheme. They use slogans that trigger the emotions of a certain group in a community whom experiences bankruptcy. It’s like finding an alternative to borrow money and other things.

As an entrepreneur, you should understand and empower the emotions of a customer. Only then, each advertisement will create maximum impact. How to understand the emotion of a customer? You can follow the simple steps below. They are :

Do the observation for customer’s issues.
Understand the serious problems faced by your customers.
Grab chances with customers and listen to their hearts.

Each piece of information contains emotions and becoming an important tool that attracts the heart of a customer. The formula is simple. If you understand your customer, then you are on the road to your promotional marketing success.

5) Results
“Make a customer desperate in getting hold of our products.”

If one day, you were finding for weight loss product and unbelievably, you heard that Mr. A’s father is using XYZ product what is your opinion at that particular time? Normally, you will be keen to know more information about the product. This is the last tool in magnetic power of marketing. It is called, “Results”. The curiosity of a customer extends until a point. He or she wants to buy what you offer because this person is influenced by others or those customers who have bought your products. This is the reason why our marketing programs are often fully booked by a large crowd until there are no more seats available.

You can follow the steps below to achieve great results in your upcoming business. They are :

Capture photos of customers who buy what you sell.
Capture testimonial videos featuring support from customers.
Share and benefit promoting spaces that is available such as magazines, online forums,
social media and blogs.
This magnetic power of marketing is designed for committed entrepreneurs to make their
businesses successful from one level to another outstanding level.

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